Germany probes ex-diplomat over 'spying' for China

German prosecutors have opened an investigation into alleged involvement of a former diplomat and two other people in spying for China, local media reported on Jan. 15.

Der Spiegel magazine reported that the former German diplomat, who served as an EU ambassador in various capitals until 2017, was suspected of spying for the Chinese Ministry of Public Security.

Bosniak Man ‘Disappeared from Train’ Before Strpci Massacre

Radojko Jesic, who was a passenger on the train that was halted at Strpci station on February 27, 1993 before a subsequent massacre by Serb fighters, told Belgrade Higher Court on Tuesday that he saw his Bosniak acquaintance entering the train in the town of Uzice but could not find him again after Strpci.

British philhellene’s former home ready for new life

All of us hope to lead one good life. The fortunate seem to pack enough into their time to live twice over. But Sir Patrick (known in English as "Paddy") Leigh Fermor led three full lives. As a young man he undertook an epic walk from Holland to Istanbul, having adventures, falling in love with penurious countesses, and creating a considerable personal legend.

Huawei Accused the US of Cyberattacks and Threats against Its Employees

Chinese technology giant Huawei has accused US authorities of trying to force its employees to gather information about the company and break into its information systems, the Associated Press reported.

The company, which has been accused by Washington of threatening the national security, said that top US officials used "unscrupulous measures" to disrupt its business.

Bulgarian President Vetoed Changes to the Military Intelligence Act

The President returned for a new discussion the Law on Amendments to the Military Intelligence Act. The Head of State does not agree with the changes that allow a civilian to head the Military Information Service as an alternative to the requirement to be a military member until now.