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Real Estate Prices Are Increasing

Nowadays real estate prices are increasing steadily ... Is the new home becoming a more distant dream? comments Bulgaria On Air TV show together with Nevena Stoyanova, a partner in a real estate agency, Snezhana Stoycheva, the manager of and the singer Nora Karaivanova.

Buying or renting a new home is accompanied by a lot of stress and ... money.

Real estate racket dismantled in Athens

Police in Athens have arrested three men aged 46 to 69 who are believed to have blackmailed and threatened property buyers into paying them the commission for real estate purchases.

The racket, which authorities said has been active since 2006, allegedly threatened contractors, real estate agents and potential buyers into doing business with them rather than with another agents.

Sofia Apartments Yield 5.4% Average Rental Return - Real Estate Agency   

Residential properties in Sofia currently offer average rental returns of 5.4%, Bulgarian Properties has said.

This compares with average interest of about 1% earned from deposits in local banks, according to central bank data, the Sofia-based real estate agency said on Tuesday.

Real estate market stagnation to be further affected by foreclosures and home auctions

Huge questions are raised as to the consequences that new measures concerning non-performing loans (NPLs) or so-called “red loans” will have on Greece’s real estate market that has been in a slump for the last seven years with over 250,000 vacant properties for sale. Real estate professionals still don’t know how much lower prices will fall as a result of foreclosures and auctions.

Illegal real estate agents have outnumbered legitimate ones

By Nikos Roussanoglou

The sector of real estate agents is particularly prone to social security contribution evasion and to undeclared labor, as according to data from the Hellenic Federation of Realtors (OMASE), the number of illegal agents is actually higher than that of the legal ones.