Editorial: School violence

Experts say that every society has the level of violence that it merits - neither more nor less.

From that perspective something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

One cannot otherwise explain the almost daily incidents of extreme violence that occur in schools and elsewhere nor the indifference with which they are often met.

13 migrants in Turkey’s east feared to have frozen to death

Turkish search and rescue teams have been dispatched to a remote zone near the Iranian border to save at least 13 migrants who have been stranded due to heavy snowstorm and freezing temperatures.

The governor's office in Van received a report that 13 irregular migrants froze to death shortly after they entered a mountainous area of Çaldıran district of the eastern province from Iran.

Ombudsman: Amendments to liberalization of national health programs should be debated under ordinary legislative procedure

The Ombudsman believes that the changes made to the healthcare system regarding the liberalization of national health programs should be debated through ordinary legislative procedure. "The Ombudsman considers that the amendments proposed by the Ordinance to amend and supplement Law No.

A British Court Decides whether Veganism is a Religion

Veganism must be recognized as a religion and protected by anti-discrimination law - a British zoologist will plead in a first-of-its-kind lawsuit, Reuters reported.

Jordi Casamitjana, an "ethical vegan," is suing his former employer, the League Against Cruel Sports, for wrongful dismissal after a dispute over retirement investments in animal testing companies.

Belgrade University Ethics Committee unanimously decided: a non-academic behaviour

The Belgrade University Ethics Committee on its today's session unanimously overruled the Faculty of Organizational Sciences Academic Committee's decision, determining the existence of non-academic behavior of Sinisa Mali in writing his PhD, Tanjug reported.