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#2019PresidentialElection/ President Iohannis: Liberals are at war with PSD, this conflict is not of doctrinal nature

President Klaus Iohannis, speaking on Friday at the EPP headquarters in Brussels during a meeting with representatives and supporters of the National Liberal Party (PNL) from the diaspora, said that he and the Liberals are "at war" with the Social Democratic Party (PSD), and that this conflict is of no doctrinal nature, but was generated by PSD's "attack" on the Romanians.

Turkey Accused of Using Banned Weapons against Civilians in Syria?

Authorities in Kurdish-controlled areas in Syria have accused Turkey of using unconventional weapons such as white phosphorus and napalm during its offensive in the northern areas of the country, AFP reported.

The agency says it has failed to independently verify these allegations against Ankara forces or Syrian fighters who support them.

Trump celebrates fragile 120-hour Turk-Kurd ceasefire, says millions could have died in invasion he approved

Turkey agreed to pause its offensive in Syria for five days to let Kurdish forces withdraw from a "safe zone" Ankara had sought to capture, in a deal hailed by the Trump administration and cast by Turkey as a complete victory.

USR-PLUS presidential candidate says run-off between him, PNL candidate shows Romania getting better

National leader of the Save Romania Union (USR) told a news conference in Braila on Friday that the prospect of a run-off between him and the PNL candidate would show Romania getting better. "The prospect of having a second round presidential election between the PNL candidate and the USR-PLUS candidate would indicate that Romania is getting better.