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Turkey has to adapt to new normal: Presidential spokesperson

The normalization process will not be about abandoning measures all together but we have to adapt to the new normal, Turkey's presidential spokesperson said on May 23. 

"We need to get used to living with masks. Turkey will go down to history when this coronavirus pandemic is over and it is written down," Ibrahim Kalın said on local television station NTV.

Senate's Cazanciuc: Parliament to debate as soon as possible bill that came from Government on state of alert

Acting Senate President Robert Cazanciuc declared on Monday that Parliament will quickly debate the bill of the Executive regarding the measures in the state of alert, stating that it is "extremely interested if the Government is backing this normative act with a scientific study that would give Romanians the certainty that from May 15 they can leave their homes safely." "I have not received su

Turkish nomads’ migration hampered by COVID-19

Turkish nomads have crisscrossed Anatolia's steppes for thousands of years. But this year, they won't because their 1,000-year-old tradition was hampered by the coronavirus, which has ravaged the entire world.

When summer comes to southern Turkey the nomadic Yörük tribe knows it is time to pack their tents and embark on the long trek north with their herd of animals.

Twenty-six suspected Kurdish militants detained, weaponry seized in counterterrorism sweep

Greece's anti-terrorism service detained 26 people and seized heavy weaponry including anti-tank arms in a large, ongoing counterterrorism operation in central Athens on Thursday to dismantle a suspected far-leftist militant group, police sources cited by state-run news agency ANA-MPA said.

PSD's Ciolacu: Fall of Orban government, a very big step for Romania's democracy

The interim chair of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Marcel Ciolacu, stated on Wednesday that the adoption of the censure motion is "a very big step for Romania's democracy", especially the wellbeing of Romanians. "The Orban Government fell. It's my opinion that it's a very big step for Romania's democracy, especially the wellbeing of Romanians. It was a mobilization as never seen before.

Answer to Kurti: You got caught in your own lies

"Although he announced that he would have to respect the result of the Serb List due to the pressure of the international community, Kurti tried to belittle Serbian people's victory by telling lies and uttering insults, demeaning the unity shown by the Serbian people on the October 6 elections", Serb List announced last night in the media statement regarding Kurti's interview given to N1.