Ethnic groups in Asia

Swiss Ambassador: Reform Fund Linked to the Inclusion of Roma had 28,000 beneficiaries

The Reform Fund Linked to the Inclusion of Roma and Other Vulnerable Groups had approximately 28,000 beneficiaries in such fields as education, healthcare, housing, community and economic development, according to the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation to Romania, Arthur Mattli.

EC: The Roma Community in Bulgaria do not Trust the Police and Justice System

Only 41 percent of the Roma in Bulgaria express confidence in the police, and only 22 percent believe in the justice system. This is shown by the data presented today by the European Commission (EC) on the implementation of strategies for this minority in the European Union.

Bus driver cries foul over airport assault

A Turkish Cypriot bus driver says Greek Cypriots threw rocks at his vehicle at Larnaca International Airport where he had gone to pick up tourists.
According to local media, a Turkish Cypriot driver is expected to give a statement to the bicommunal crime committee on Friday regarding an alleged attack by Greek Cypriot bus drivers earlier this week.