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Germany 'two-faced' for allowing HDP rally in Cologne: Turkish Foreign Ministry

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said on May 26 it condemned as a "double standard" a decision by Germany to allow a rally by the Kurdish issue-focused Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) in Cologne, having previously prevented ruling party politicians from campaigning there.

The Rescuers have Found Belongings of Boyan Petrov

The Sherpas and the Chinese who are looking for Boyan Petrov have not found the Bulgarian, but have found tools and materials probably used by him. The equipment and everything found will be analyzed by the rescuers, according to the latest information from the operation.

Boyan Petrov disappeared on May 3 in an attempt to conquer Shishapangma.

Update: The Search for the Bulgarian Mountaineer Boyan Petrov Continues The Sherpas Will Climb The Peak Tomorrow

The group of experienced Sherpas who are looking for the missing Bulgarian mountaineer Boyan Petrov under Shishapangma peak in the Himalayas will climb to the highest point tomorrow. This is the last official information from the rescue operation.

Rescuers Will not Search for Boyan Petrov After Camp 3 ...

The top will not be climbed today - the Sherpas will search for Boyan Petrov from Camp 3 down.

This decision took Boyan Petrov's wife - Radoslava Nenova, she announced, because she doesn't want to endanger other lives. The popular Bulgarian mountaineer disappeared on May 3rd as he was climbing the 8,000m Shishapangma.

Downtown Athens metro station to close on Tuesday for Afrin rally

The Athens metro's Panepistimio station will be closed on Tuesday from 4.30 p.m. as members of leftist groups have arranged a rally to express solidarity with Syrian Kurds in Afrin who have come under attack by Turkish forces.

The demonstration is being organized by the far-left Popular Unity party together with organizations representing Kurds living in Greece.

Prosecution rules out further investigation into HDP deputy’s assassination plot comments

The prosecution has decided to stop an investigation based on the HDP lawmaker Garo Paylan’s remarks about assassination plots targetting Turkish academics, journalists and politicians living in Europe, especially Germany.