Ethnic groups in Asia

Meanwhile in the East

Turkey has for years been embroiled in turmoil, which has only intensified after the failed coup attempt against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in July 2016.

Antagonism between the country's Kemalists and Islamists has escalated into an all-out confrontation. Meanwhile, the ultranationalist party can be seen swinging between the two camps.

Onus of responsibility

The launch of Ankara's military campaign against the Kurds in Syria - with Friday's assault on the enclave of Afrin - in combination with the Turkish foreign minister's recent threats to cancel the country's agreement with the European Union for the return of migrants if Brussels doesn't open its arms to Turkey, should cause concern.

The Last Girl

The Islamic State (IS) terrorists made her a sex slave. She was not alone……there were hundreds of thousands of women who were kidnapped by the terrorists. Members of the terror outfit, reportedly, are still using them as sex slaves in Iraq and Syria.