Ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian Serb Plan for New Police Force Revives Wartime Fears

There were 400 reservist police officers in Visegrad before the war, and the force was multi-ethnic. However, as the conflict began, 183 more officers were recruited by the Serb-run police station in the town.

A number of them had criminal records, said Huso Kurspahic, the former commander of the police station in Medjedja, near Visegrad.

Bosniak Parties Hatch Coalition Agreement in Bosnia

Fahrudin Radoncic  Photo: EPA/FEHIM DEMIR

"We did not talk about any names, as that decision will be discussed in the following weeks," Adisa Omerbegovic Arapovic, the vice president of SBB, said in Sarajevo on Thursday, answering questions about whether Radoncic was promised the Bosnian Ministry of Security.

Bosnians Bring Aid to Syrian Refugees in Turkey

A three-sided war pitching Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats against each other from 1992 to 1995 forced hundreds of thousands of people in Bosnia to leave their homes.

Elmedin Skrebo, vice-director of IFS EMMAUS in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has helped organise several aid convoys from Bosnia to the refugee camps in Turkey.

Bosnia’s Post-Election Deadlock Stalls Progress Towards NATO

The post-electoral political deadlock in Bosnia in Herzegovina has stalled progress towards NATO membership, as political leaders fail to adopt the country's first Annual National Program, which the Western alliance requires as a condition for activating the Membership Action Plan, MAP.

Bosnia Tries Ex-Fighters for Beating Serb Prisoners of War

The defendants with their lawyers in court. Photo: Bosnian state court.

Camil Ramic, Mehmedalija Topalovic, Himzo Selimovic, Ramiz Micivoda and Mustafa Stovrag went on trial at the Bosnian state court on Monday, accused of committing crimes against prisoners of war who were beaten in custody.