Ethnic groups in Croatia

"There is no Bosniac language linguistically different from Serbian - Hate outburst"

Bosniac National Council considers that the attitude of the Committee for the standardization of Serbian language that there is no Bosniak language, linguistically different from Serbian, presents yet "another chauvinist outburst of hatred and hostility of the part of the academic community in Serbia towards Bosniaks, and Bosnian as their mother tongue".

Croatian Serb Leader Condemns Hate Graffiti on Election Posters

Milorad Pupovac, the leader of the Independent Democratic Serb Party, SDSS, one of the parties representing Croatia's Serb minority, said on Friday that the defacement of some of the party's European Parliament election campaign billboards should not deter Croatian Serbs from turning out to vote.

Why Serb Nationalism Still Inspires Europe’s Far Right

Central to Tarrant's worldview appears to have been a commitment to the so-called "Great Replacement" theory.

This conspiracy theory posits that Muslim immigration to Western countries is a secret plot to "outbreed" white Christians of European ancestry and thus take over their "homelands". A peculiar brand of Islamophobia, it is rooted in anti-Ottoman sentiment.