Ethnic groups in Croatia

Children for Sale: Croatia’s Corrupted Institutions Have Blessed Illegal Adoptions

My source from the illegal adoption network was convinced that the arrested Croats would be released, and claimed that the organization that profits from 15,000 to 40,000 euros per child is too powerful and too well organized.

Trade in children done with public money

Serbia ‘Finds List of 5,800 Children Saved from Croatian WWII Camps’

The Serbian Museum of Genocide Victims said on Friday that it has obtained a list with the names and details of 5,800 Serbian children rescued from Ustasa death camps in the Nazi-allied Independent State of Croatia, which was thought to have been lost or destroyed.

Vučić with Zuroff: An eternal bond in the memory of the crimes against Serbs and Jews

"I thanked Mr. Zuroff for consistent and dedicated fighting for a clear condemnation of the Ustasha crimes committed during the Second World War," Vui wrote on Instagram and added: "The traditional historical alliance of the Serbian and Jewish people is also an eternal bond into the memory of the crimes committed against the Serbian and Jewish people".