Ethnic groups in Croatia

"Brothers and sisters Croats, let's do it this way..."

Dacic on Wednesday also called on what he referred to as "brothers and sisters Croats" to all focus "a little bit on the future."

Dacic said this as a response to Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic stating that "Serbia's EU path leads through Croatia," and that there are "many issues have piled up that must be resolved in order for Serbia to join the EU."

Vucic: "Croatian minority in Serbia got all they requested"

"I think we, Serbs, should be proud of things we do to improve the quality of life of the Croatian minority. " said Vucic to the press in Zrenjanin.

He said that in 20 days he would present all granted requests and everything that was done so that "Croatians in Serbia feel good and respect this country".