Ethnic groups in Greece

More than 50% of Bulgarians Are Satisfied with Their Salary

More than half of Bulgarians are satisfied with their salary, and 70% are satisfied with their work. The data is from two studies by Gallup International provided for the Bulgarian National Television and the broadcast # Europe.

It turns out that Bulgarians are more satisfied with their wages and work than average people in the world. 

A Bulgarian Opened Four Bulgarian Schools in Spain

A Bulgarian with roots from the village of Kochan in the municipality of Satovcha has opened four Bulgarian schools in Spain, BNT reported.

In 4 cities in Navarre district, over 400 children learn Bulgarian language, literature and history.

The Orpheus BG cultural association, led by Sabi Atipov is also the organizer of the first meeting of the Bulgarians in Pamplona.

Turkey reacts to appointment of Muslim religious leaders in northern Greece by state

The Turkish Foreign Ministry on Saturday issued a statement expressing objections to a recent Greek presidential decree stating that the religious leaders of the Muslim minority in northern Greece will be appointed by the state instead of being elected.

The Macedonian Science Institute in Sofia Wants North Macedonia to Recognize the Bulgarian Community

The government in Skopje to recognize the Bulgarian national community in the Republic of North Macedonia constitutionally. That is what they insist on in a statement from the Macedonian Science Institute in Sofia.

Holy Synod concerned about ‘Macedonian’ liturgy

The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece has expressed its concerns to Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomaios over the request he received from the small local Rainbow Party to grant his approval for the divine liturgy to be conducted in the "Macedonian language" to cater for speakers of the Southern Slavic spoken in North Macedonia.