Ethnic groups in Greece

Cash-strapped Turkish Muslim foundation 'forced to sell properties'

The properties of a Turkish Muslim foundation on the Greek island of Kos (İstanköy) have been put up for sale under pressure by the Greek government. The Education and Culture Association of Kos Muslims, another foundation, has condemned both the sale and the donation, expressing its expectation that the decisions be withdrawn.

Company Brought Back 60 Young Bulgarians from Abroad for BGN 5000 and a Contract for Work

TELUS International has brought back to Bulgaria 60 young and talented Bulgarians with its campaign "I Can Here," said the company.

The initiative, which since 2017 aims to return talented Bulgarians back from abroad, will continue in 2019.

Zaev remarks puts name deal on rocks

Athens said it expects the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to fully respect the "letter and spirit" of the name deal it signed with Greece last summer after reports that the Balkan country's Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that "Macedonians" in Greece will have the right to be taught the "Macedonian" language.

Reuters: Staff-hungry Bulgarian IT Industry Encourages Expatriates to Return Home

Bulgaria's software industry, struggling with staff shortages, is to launch a campaign to entice Bulgarian expatriates to return home after a poll found more than half would go back to Bulgaria if offered a job in the IT sector, reports Reuters.