Ethnic groups in the Middle East

Migrant fishermen who rescued Mati fire victims to be made Greek citizens

Three migrant fishermen who helped rescue dozens of people from the sea during the deadly wildfire near Athens last summer are to be made Greek citizens.

The three migrants, two Egyptians and one Albanian, will be granted citizenship during a ceremony at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday in recognition of their actions.

Atatürk was inspiration for founder of Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba: Safwan Masri

One of the reasons why the Arab Spring succeeded in Tunisia was the fact that the country has strong similarities with Turkey, rather than the rest of the Arab world, according to Safwan Masri, Executive Vice President for Global Centers and Global Development at Columbia University. 

Christians, in an epochal shift, are leaving the Middle East

TANTA, Egypt—Like the Jews before them, Christians are fleeing the Middle East, emptying what was once one of the world’s most-diverse regions of its ancient religions.

They’re being driven away not only by Islamic State, but by governments the U.S. counts as allies in the fight against extremism.

Archbishop Benjamin Atas and Metropolitan Cleopas of Sweden pledge collaboration on matters of Christian solidarity

As we become cognizant of our duty in the face of the daily drama facing myriads of our fellow men and women, and in an attempt to mobilize our forces to preserve “our common natural and cultural home,” His Eminence Metropolitan Cleopas of Sweden approached His Eminence Archbishop Benjamin Atas of the Syriac Aramean Community of the Diaspora to express his active solidarity and love for the lat