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Ukrainians with Temporary Protection will be able to Stay in Bulgaria until March 4, 2024

Ukrainians with temporary protection will be able to stay in Bulgaria until March 4, 2024. This was decided by the caretaker government at its meeting yesterday.

Temporary protection allows Ukrainian citizens who have acquired this status to work and study in the country. Children can attend a kindergarten or nursery if there are available spots.

Unlicensed foreign realtors selling houses through social media

Foreigners residing for a long time in the southern province of Antalya have started to work illegally as real estate agents to sell or rent properties with a 10 percent commission through social media groups amid the increasing demand of Ukrainians and Russians to reside in the city.

Pupovac, Zigmanov sign declaration on cooperation

ZAGREB - The president of Croatia's Serb National Council, Milorad Pupovac, who is also the leader of the Independent Democratic Serb Party, signed with Serbian Human Rights Minister Tomislav Zigmanov, who is also the leader of the Democratic Alliance of Croats in Vojvodina, a declaration on cooperation between Serbs in Croatia and Croats in Serbia.