Media in the Balkans Are Like Dog That Whines Softly – EURACTIV Conference

Media freedom across Europe needs to be supported, but the situation in the Balkans is particularly deplorable - independent media are at risk and will not survive on their own. These conclusions united the participants of the conference mottoed "Media Freedom in the Balkans", organized by EURACTIV Bulgaria.

Controversial Non-Paper Proposing Border Changes in Western Balkans Requires Firmer Stance from Brussels

A firmer stance from Brussels - noticeably missing last week - against a controversial document proposing border changes in the Western Balkans would help calm the growing anxieties in the region, analysts said. At the same time, regional and international actors contacted by EURACTIV firmly rejected ideas from the phantom non-paper.

Sofia Lost the Race for the Seat of the European Labor Authority

Sofia lost the race for the seat of the European Labor Authority. The new EU agency will be located in Bratislava, EUobserver reported. Slovakia received 15 out of 28 votes during the vote in the ministerial meeting of the Council on Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs.

Hungary's Orban thanks Greece's far-right Golden Dawn for support

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote a letter on September 14 to Golden Dawn Euro PM Lambros Fountulis thanking the far-right Greek party for its support during a European Parliament vote backing sanctions against Hungary for rule of law violations, Euractiv has reported.