Greeks abroad to cast their vote on Saturday, June 24

A total of 25,610 Greeks abroad have registered to vote from their place of residence on Saturday, one day ahead of the ballot in Greece on Sunday, the Interior Ministry said on Monday.

A total of 22,855 Greeks had registered to vote in the May 21 national elections, of whom 18,203 voted (79.5% rate of participation).

Kosovo Serbs Protest Arrests of Serbs Suspected of Attacking Journalists

Hundreds of local in Serb-majority nothern Kosovo, led by medical workers, marched from North Mitrovica to Zvecan - where workers from the Trepca mine joined them - in protest against recent arrests of people suspected of attacks against Kosovo journalists, Serbian-language Kosovo media outlet Kossev reported.

Muslim ND candidate withdraws from election race after alleged intel report

Mustafa Katranci, a parliamentary candidate for the Conservatives from the Rhodope province in northeastern Greece, announced on Monday he was withdrawing from the electoral race, after the main opposition claimed that his name was included in an intelligence report citing his alleged links to the Turkish Consulate in Komotini.

Rama threatened Serbia

The Albanian Prime Minister said today that if Serbia does not soon release the three recently arrested Kosovo policemen, it will mean a return to the cooling of relations between Tirana and Belgrade.

Chaos continues: Another Serb arrested in Kosovo; The police issued a statement

In the north of Kosovo and Metohija, it is still very tense. The day began with the arrest of a Telekom Srbija employee, who, according to the company, was "abducted when he went to work" in Leposavic. The Office for Kosovo and Metohija made an urgent announcement.

Children for Sale: Croatia’s Corrupted Institutions Have Blessed Illegal Adoptions

My source from the illegal adoption network was convinced that the arrested Croats would be released, and claimed that the organization that profits from 15,000 to 40,000 euros per child is too powerful and too well organized.

Trade in children done with public money