European Court of Justice

New case at ECJ on Larco subsidies

The European Commission is pressuring the government to sort out state nickel producer Larco, either through its privatization or its closure: Brussels has again referred Greece to the European Court of Justice, demanding a huge fine for the non-implementation of the same court's decision on illegal state subsidies to the mining company since 2017.

Bulgaria Supports France's Proposal for Advocate General at the Court of Justice

The Government approved the Bulgarian position for the COREPER II (Committee of Permanent Representatives) meeting, in the format of the Conference of Representatives of the Governments of the Member States, to be held on 11 March 2020 in Brussels.

EU Court Denies Jurisdiction Over Slovenia-Croatia Border Dispute

In a blow to Slovenia, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Justice, ECJ, on Friday said that it had no jurisdiction to rule on Slovenian claims that Croatia had violated European law by failing to implement a border arbitration ruling. The decision is final and there is no appeal.

The EU Must Defend its Rule-of-Law Revolution

There is no other explanation as to why the Visegrad Four countries of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia joined with Italy to pave the way for a German federalist to become president of the European Commission despite their past calls for an end to Germany's domination. All five nations are governed by anti-liberal, populist or far-right parties.