European debt crisis

Decision on pensions expected in mid-November, says EU official

The decision on whether Greece will have to implement or not the pension cuts the country agreed with its creditors will be taken in mid-November, a senior EU official said on Friday.

Speaking to journalists, the official said there will be an extra Eurogroup meeting on reforming eurozone in mid-November and it is possible that the final decisions will be taken then.

Rating agency DBRS sees 'moderate risk' of Grexit

Rating agency DBRS said it believes Greece runs a "moderate" risk of exiting the eurozone.

In a report issued late on Monday, DBRS warned that while the other 18 states that share the euro currency run a "low risk" of eurozone exit, including all other countries to emerge from a bailout program, Greece continues to face a moderate possibility.

Budget relies on two scenarios

The first draft of the 2019 state budget tabled in Parliament on Monday by the Finance Ministry was based two alternative scenarios - one with the planned pension cuts along with offsetting measures, and one without them, apparently trying both to appease its creditors and please its voters.