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Schneider-Ammann: Excellent ties based on common interests

BERN - Switzerland and Serbia have excellent bilateral ties based on common interests, as also confirmed by the 570 companies in Serbia that have been established with Swiss capital, says Johann Schneider-Ammann, a Swiss federal MP and head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research.

Rough justice

It is well known the world over that Greece's ability to uphold the law rates poorly.

Law-abiding citizens find themselves in the position to be able to confirm this fact on a daily basis, be it on the street, in public spaces, in court and in transactions with the state or private parties.

Swiss Scrap Work Limits on Bulgarians, Romanians

Citizens of Bulgaria and Romania will enjoy the same working rights in Switzerland as other citizens of the European Union from June 1.

The Swiss government is lifting its restrictions on workers of the two Balkan countries, as the seven-year-transition period, set from 2009, on the free movement of persons agreement between the EU and Switzerland, expired on May 31.

EU Suspends Trade Preferences for Bosnia

Bosnian farmers will now have to pay tarrifs if they want to export their produce to the EU market after January 1, after Brussels suspended a trade liberalisation deal.

"The European Parliament decided ... to suspend the trade preferences granted unilaterally by the EU to Bosnia and Herzegovina," Zora Stanic, the spokesperson of the EU delegation in Sarajevo, told BIRN on Tuesday.

Turkey cheaper than Europe but cars, booze, tobacco remain expensive

Turkey is more expensive than a few European countries but it remains cheaper than a majority of the continent, according to a new comparative purchasing power parity index released June 19 by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜ?K).

However, car prices stood above European levels, as did the prices of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and consumer electronics.