European migrant crisis

Bulgaria sends troops to tackle migrant influx from Turkey

Bulgaria on Nov. 1 deployed 350 soldiers to the border with Turkey to help police cope with the growing influx of migrants, the defense minister announced.

"Soldiers arrived at the Bulgarian-Turkish border since today to back up the border police," Georgi Panayotov told the private bTV channel.

The 350 troops deployed with 40 units of equipment, he added.

More than 160 irregular migrants held in eastern Turkey

Turkish forces on Nov. 1 held some 164 irregular migrants in provinces in the country's east, along with rescuing 101 asylum seekers from sea after an illegal pushback by Greece, security sources said.

Gendarmerie forces in the Ardahan province stopped three vehicles at a checkpoint and caught 27 irregular migrants as well as three drivers suspected of human trafficking.

At least 65 migrants pushed back by Greece rescued

The Turkish Coast Guard rescued a total of 65 asylum seekers off Muğla and Aydın provinces in 24 hours.

Turkish coast guard units rescued 46 irregular migrants in two different locations off the coasts of Marmaris district in the Aegean province of Muğla after they were pushed back into Turkey's territorial waters by the Greek authorities.

Thousands took to the streets - "stop torture": This is a hybrid war VIDEO / PHOTO

Several thousand people protested under the slogan "Stop torture at the border".
The protesters accused the Polish authorities of cruel behavior due to pushing migrants back and the introduction of a state of emergency at the border, which prevents human rights activists and humanitarian organizations from helping migrants.

Greece says EU must abide by its migration commitments to Turkey

Europeans must honor their commitments to Turkey as part of a migration deal signed in 2016, the Greek minister for migration and asylum said on Oct. 4. 

Notis Mitarachi said the EU-Turkey migration deal must be implemented by both sides to manage the refugee flows and stem illegal trafficking in the Aegean Sea.