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British Rightist Ex-Politician Farage Criticised for Attacks in Albanian Migrants

Statements made British rightist former politician Nigel Farage about Albanian illegal migrants to the UK have caused anger on social media, especially on Twitter, after a statement in which he said: "Now that one in ten foreign-born parents in the UK are Albanian, any guess as to the ratio in five years' time?" Albanian institutions have not commented on the statements of the former UKIP party

Mitsotakis slams proportional representation electoral law, rules out snap elections

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told parliament today that the next general elections, despite rampant rumours and reports in both opposition and pro-government media to the contrary, will be held at the end of his four-year constitutional term, in July, 2023.

Over the last months, Mitsotakis has continually denied such rumours, even as they continue to burgeon.

EPP Sec. Gen:”Greece can become an excellent energy gateway”

The Secretary General of the European People's Party (EPP), Antonio Lopez, said in an interview with "NEA" newspaper that he agrees with the initiative of the Greek government to take unilateral measures to alleviate citizens' energy costs in the absence of a coordinated European framework. Mr. Lopez visited Athens and spoke at the New Democracy Congress.

MEPs: New EU sanctions against Russia will affect Bulgaria as well

Members of the European Parliament from the European People's Party Andrey Kovatchev and from "Renew Europe" Ilhan Kyuchyuk believe that the fifth package of EU sanctions against Russia, which is being prepared, will negatively affect Bulgaria as well.

Andrey Kovachev from the EPP thinks this is inevitable.

Bulgaria: Support for the EU Fell by 7%

49 percent of Bulgarians believe that EU membership is a good thing, and 13 percent are negative about it.

This is according to a new Eurobarometer survey commissioned by the European Parliament and carried out at the end of last year.

Compared to a previous poll from 2020, support for the EU in our country has fallen by 7%, and negative sentiment is increasing by 4%.