European Parliament elections

EP Gives Green Light For Further Talks About the Mobility Package

The Transport Committee of the European Parliament has today voted to open negotiations between Parliament, the European Commission and the Member States on the Mobility Package. This is another step along the path to accepting the package, known as the "Macron Package." Bulgarian MEPs believe that the transport industry in Bulgaria must make compromises.

MEPs to Meet For Mobility Package

The Transport Committee in the European Parliament votes on the Mobility Package. On the Bulgarian side, there is a proposal to withdraw the controversial package from the work of this European Parliament.

MEP Andrey Novakov urges British MPs to abstain from voting because of the upcoming Brexit.

Emil Radev: Consensus is Required For the Most Important Positions in the EU

After talks overnight, talks between European leaders on top positions in the EU - the President of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Central Bank - continue in different formats today.

Why is the solution so complicated read the comment of MEP Emil Radev in the BNT morning block.

Angel Dzhambazki Invites the Newly Elected MEPs to Joint Action on the Mobility I Package

After yesterday evening, the CEC announced the results of which parties sent representatives to the European Parliament, the VMRO MEP, who led the fight against the Mobility Package - Angel Dzhambazki, called for a meeting with the elected representatives of the European Parliament from GERB, SDS, BSP for Bulgaria, DPS and Democratic Bulgaria.

The Names of All 17 New Bulgaria's MEPs Became Clear Late Last Night

Late last night, the names of all 17 new MEPs became clear. The CEC officially announced the results of Sunday's European elections. Thus, 5 Bulgarian parties and coalitions will have their representatives in the new European Parliament. These are GERB, BSP, DPS (MRF), VMRO (IMRO) and Democratic Bulgaria.

Maryia Garbiel Leads GERB’s List for the Upcoming European Elections

Maryia Garbiel, Bulgaria's current European Commissioner, leads GERB's list for the European elections, reports BNT. 

At a forum in the National Palace of Culture on 31st of March, GERB (majority partner in the ruling coalition) announced the list of candidates for the elections for members of the EP.

MEP Eva Maydell: From 2021 we will Stop Moving the Clock

"The majority of Bulgarian and European citizens have clearly said that the change of time by one hour ahead and back has a negative impact on them, so MEPs have united behind the citizens and asked that this clock rotation should stop 2021. "This was stated by Eva Maydell on the occasion of the vote on the European Parliament's position on the subject.