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Janša congratulate new Italian prime minister

Ljubljana – Prime Minister Janez Janša has congratulated Mario Draghi on becoming the new prime minister of Italy, saying he looked forward to a strengthening of relations.

“I am looking forward to further strengthening our good neighbourly relations and cooperation in many areas, both regionally, in Europe and globally,” Janša wrote on Twitter in English.

Dignitaries participate in ceremonies occasioned by the Union of Romanian Principalities Day

The presidents of the two Chambers of Parliament, Anca Dragu and Ludovic Orban, participate, on Sunday, in the events held on the occasion of the 162nd anniversary of the Union of the Romanian Principalities. Ludovic Orban will attend events organized in Focsani, which will start around 12.45 pm.

PM thinks hard lockdown may not be necessary

Ljubljana – Prime Minister Janez Janša thinks a hard lockdown that would involve limiting people’s movement to within a certain radius around their home may not be necessary. “Due in particular to the introduction of rapid testing, it will be possible to weather the January-February wave without the most drastic measures,” he told Planet TV.

Greece awaits Merkel’s successor at helm of CDU

With three candidates vying on Friday and Saturday to take over the leadership of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) and succeed Angela Merkel as German chancellor, Greece is weighing who could best serve its interest - Armin Laschet, premier of North Rhine-Westphalia, Norbert Rottgen, chairman of the Bundestag's foreign affairs committee, and Friedrich Merz, a corporate lawyer and former MP.

Cover-Up Claims Shadow Unsolved Murder of Kosovo Serb Politician

Three years ago, on January 16, when unknown perpetrators fired six bullets into the body of Kosovo Serb opposition party leader Oliver Ivanovic in front of his office in the town of Mitrovica, people in Serbia and Kosovo were stunned, while Western diplomats feared that the murder of another politician in the Balkans could end the fragile dialogue to normalise relations between Belgrade and Pr