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Heavy Traffic at Bulgaria's border control checkpoints with Romania and Serbia

There is heavy traffic at some of Bulgaria's border control checkpoints with Romania and Serbia, Border Police said on their website Friday. The information is valid as at 6 am.

At the border with Romania, there is heavy traffic for trucks  exiting Bulgaria through the Kardam, Oryahovo, Durankulak, and Nikopol checkpoints.

Steady Decline in Incoming Ukrainian Refugees, A Lot are Leaving Bulgaria

There is a steady downward trend in the number of Ukrainians entering the country from Ukraine and more leaving Bulgaria. This is shown by the data at the border checkpoint near Ruse.

One in five - this is how we can summarize the number of Ukrainian citizens leaving and entering through the two border checkpoints near Ruse - the Danube Bridge, as well as the Central Railway Station.

Bulgaria: Danube Bridge Congested with 10-km Long Line of TIR Trucks

A 10-kilometer long line of TIR trucks formed last night at the Danube Bridge border checkpoint at Ruse.

The processing of the documents has not been interrupted and according to the border authorities the reason for the traffic jam is that carriers are rushing to deliver their goods to Western Europe before the Catholic Easter.

10 km Long Queue of Trucks at the Danube Bridge Border Checkpoint

Huge columns of heavy trucks are waiting for hours at the Danube Bridge border checkpoint near Ruse.

The queue is over 10 km and reaches the neighbouring town of Marten. The reason is a failure in the customs system for measuring trucks.

Most of the trucks wait over half a day.

Intensive Traffic at the Borders with Greece, Serbia, Turkey and Romania

The traffic on the border checkpoints with Greece, Serbia, Turkey and Romania is intensive. This was reported by DG Border Police.

The traffic information is from 13:00 today.

On the Bulgarian-Serbian border at Kalotina border checkpoint traffic is intensive at the entrance and exit for cars.

Intensive Traffic at the Border with Romania

Intensive traffic on the border checkpoints towards Romania. According to data from the Border Police, the traffic at Danube Bridge - Vidin border checkpoint is intensive for trucks.

Cars are passing slower on the Danube Bridge - Ruse. At the other border checkpoints the traffic is normal. Intensive traffic was also reported at Kalotina border checkpoint.