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Member of Swedish gang led by Greek national arrested in Halkidiki

A member of the gang led by Greek-Swedish national Michael Tenezos, also known as "Greken" (The Greek),  was arrested on Thursday in Halkidiki, following cooperation between the Greek and Swedish authorities.

The 24-year-old man, a Swedish national of Kazakh origin, was arrested as he was found in possession of a pistol, ammunition, and 24 grams of cannabis.

Schengen Accession in Limbo: Bulgaria Watches Closely as Dutch Politics Evolve

The Netherlands has formed a new government, prompting speculation about potential implications for Bulgaria's status in the Schengen Agreement. Since March 31, Bulgaria has been part of Schengen for air and sea travel, but entry by land requires unanimous approval from EU member states. The timing for such a vote remains uncertain, with hopes it could happen by year-end.

EU Extends Suspension of Duties and Quotas for Ukrainian Imports

The European Commission has decided to extend the suspension of customs duties and quotas for Ukrainian imports into the EU for another year, following approval from the Council of the EU and the European Parliament. This extension comes after the measures were introduced in 2022 as part of the EU's support for Ukraine's economy by granting it access to the EU's single market.

Mitsotakis at ‘Attikon’: We are creating a new NHS that will address every medical need, no matter how serious it is (photos)

“It is good to remember the European footprint of participation in the European family, and this is another reason why participation in the European elections of June 9th is so important”

ECB Calls for Revisions to Bulgarian Euro Adoption Law: Compliance Concerns Surface

The European Central Bank (ECB) has weighed in on Bulgaria's draft Law on the adoption of the euro, signaling the need for revisions to ensure alignment with European regulations. In an opinion published on the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance's website, the ECB underscores the importance of achieving full compliance with EU directives, particularly in the realm of monetary policy.

Two paradoxes in a row

On what criteria is Greece's European strategy based? The question arises from our country's completely paradoxical attitude on two major issues: first, the single market, and second, the debate on the joint defense bonds. 

Train officials released on bail

Two officials from state-owned Hellenic Railways have been released after testifying before an examining magistrate but had to pay large sums for bail.

The two are among those being investigated by the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO) over a contract for the upgrade of the railways' signaling system and remote control.

ND says SYRIZA undermining democracy over MEP candidate’s comments

Greece's ruling conservatives have accused the leftist SYRIZA opposition of undermining the country's democracy after a senior official suggested that it would be a "blessing" if the EU's chief prosecutor investigating the 2013 Tempe railway disaster could potentially oust the government.