European Union–Turkey relations

As EU dismisses Greek call for sanctions agaist Turkey, Merkel says Union will discuss it with US, Nato

EU leaders plan to discuss arm exports to Turkey with NATO allies and Washington, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said today, after Greece's push at the December 10-11 EU summit for an arms embargo on Ankara was dismissed.

Merkel and Borissov Blocked EU Sanctions Against Turkey at The EU Council

Germany and Bulgaria were the most vocal among the EU countries who blocked sanctions against Turkey at the EU summit on Thursday (10 December), reports EURACTIV.

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov were the EU leaders who openly opposed sanctions against Ankara," the sources said.

EU Slaps Limited Sanctions on Turkey Amid East Med Dispute

EU leaders at the start of a two day EU summit, in Brussels, 10 December 2020. Photo: EPA-EFE/OLIVIER HOSLET/POOL

The decision allows the EU to penalize individuals and companies involved in planning and carrying out gas exploration in the East Med, with sanctions of travel bans into EU countries and asset freezes.

EU to impose additional sanctions on Turkey

The European Union announced early Dec. 11 that it has decided to impose additional sanctions on Turkish individuals and companies in light of Turkey's activities in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

As the EU Leaders Summit in Brussels continued, the union shared the relevant part of the final declaration on Turkey as they reached a consensus after long hours of negotiations.