European Union

Slovenia wants Bosnia to get candidate status at next week’s EU summit

Brussels – Slovenia has produced a proposal to grant Bosnia-Herzegovina EU candidate status as early as at the EU summit next week. Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon will present it to her EU counterparts on Monday at a session of the Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg.

Industrial production increased 11 percent in April

Industrial production that increased by 9.8 percent in March rose by another 10.8 percent on an annual basis in April, while retail sales grew nearly 15 percent, the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) said yesterday.

The country's industrial output grew 7.6 percent and 13.3 percent in January and February, respectively.

Slovenia failed to notify Brussels of pandemic-related border checks

Luxembourg – Slovenia did not inform the European Commission of the re-introduction of border checks on EU borders due to the Covid pandemic in the summer of 2020 and the spring of 2021 and the Commission did not check compliance with Schengen rules, the European Court of Auditors has found.

Brits living in the EU are Not Allowed to Vote or Participate in Local Elections

The European Court of Justice has ruled today that Brits living in EU countries have lost the right to vote and stand in local elections after Britain left the bloc in 2020. Exceptions are those British citizens who also have EU citizenship, the DPA and AP reported.

For the First Time in 11 years, the ECB is starting to Raise Interest Rates

The European Central Bank confirmed on Thursday that it would end a long-running scheme to pour billions of euros into the Eurozone economy on July 1st by buying bonds and signaled a series of interest rate hikes as early as next month as it fights persistently high inflation.

Bulgaria at the Bottom of the European Sovereignty Index, with Gaps in the Economy, Defense and Technology

According to the new instrument of the ECFR - the European Sovereignty Index, Bulgaria is among the weakest links in the concept of European sovereignty, with significant gaps in the economy, defense and technology.