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Bulgaria: Demanding a Referendum on the Euro is Unconstitutional

Even if Bulgaria's membership in the Eurozone is not approved, this does not mean that any sovereignty of the real monetary policy of the BNB will be preserved. An analysis by Krasen Stanchev, ClubZ.

"Sovereignty" is not linked to and is not "betrayed" by the introduction of the euro

Someone really asked: And what about the Western Balkans?

Nechamer points out that the Western Balkans is just as important geo-strategically, and he added that Macron's idea is not concrete yet.
"We need an intermediate step, which is something more than candidate status, and which essentially does not change anything, but provides an accession perspective," the Austrian Chancellor explained.

EC: Croatia is Ready for the Eurozone, Bulgaria is Not

Bulgaria meets three of the four economic convergence criteria needed to join the Eurozone.

This is stated in a report released yesterday by the European Commission.

The criteria that our country fulfills are for stable and sustainable public finances, stability of exchange rates and long-term interest rates.

Denmark votes on joining EU’s common defence policy

Traditionally eurosceptic Denmark votes Wednesday in a referendum on whether to overturn its opt-out on the EU's common defence policy after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The vote comes on the heels of neighbouring Finland's and Sweden's historic applications for NATO membership, as the Ukraine war forces countries in Europe to rethink their security policies.

Turkey to submit report on ‘double standards’ in Schengen visa to PACE

Turkey is prepared to submit a report titled "The Abuse of the Schengen System as a Political Sanction by the Member States of the Council of Europe" to the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe (PACE) in June.