President Iohannis: We must admit EU's voice is a small one at a global level

President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday said that the European project is a successful one, with the Union being "strong" economically, but the EU's "voice" is a "small" one at a global level, which for him, as head of state, is "totally unsatisfactory." The head of state said at the official launch of the national debate on the future of Europe, held at the Cotroceni Palace, that the member states

Iohannis: In Romania's vision, a European Union of the future is inseparable from European unity and solidarity

President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday that the European Union of the future is, in Romania's vision, a project that is inseparable from the idea of unity and solidarity, and for a "more integrated" union there is need for consolidating the Eurozone and the Schengen area.

INSCOP poll: Majority of voters would go for nationalist party supporting traditional family

More than 59% of the respondents to an INSCOP poll would vote for a nationalist party that promotes religious values and supports the traditional family, however, about two-thirds would not support such a party if it promoted Romania's withdrawal from the European Union, the rapprochement with Russia or the restriction of the national minorities' rights.

Slovenians still optimistic about EU, survey shows

Brussels – Slovenians’ positive attitude towards the EU remains above the EU average in a survey presented by the European Parliament on Friday. The share of respondents in all members with a positive opinion about the bloc has increased by 10 percentage points to 50%, while in Slovenia the figure was at 58% in autumn, when the survey was conducted.

Brexit Day feature story: People divided over what's happening tonight - celebration and bitterness

AGERPRES special correspondent Oana Ghita reports: Banners reading "Lead with facts, not leave with lies", "Let's make Brexit!", UK and EU flags - some stylized with lights instead of stars - were some of the props a group of several dozen gathered on Thursday evening near the British Parliament used to add some drama to their campaign.