Delphi Forum: The pandemic crisis will be a “V crisis”

The prospects of the European economy were discussed by the participants in the panel "European Economy", coordinated by Tassos Anastasatos, Chief Economist of Eurobank and held at the 6th Delphi Economic Forum held under the auspices of of the President of the Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

Bulgarian Budget Deficit Set for BGN 7 Billion for 2021 by Outgoing Government

 Boyko Borissov's outgoing government is preparing to leave a heavy legacy. Instead of the deficit of BGN 4.9 billion planned in the State Budget Act, at the end of 2021 the treasury will be in the red by nearly BGN 7 billion, or 5.6% of GDP.

 This is written in the Convergence Program of Bulgaria for the period 2021-2023.

Household deposits in Slovenia up to record EUR 23bn, central bank says

Ljubljana – Household deposits at banks rose by over EUR 2 billion to a record EUR 23 billion in the epidemic year of 2020 from 2019, the Slovenian central bank said on Tuesday. It attributed the rise to the labour market measures taken during the epidemic, which enabled income growth. But since many shops were closed, much of the income was not spent.

Romania attracts 3.5 billion euros from foreign capital markets, through bond issue

Romania, through the Ministry of Finance, launched on April 7 this year's first issue of Eurobonds that attracted 3.5 billion euros on the international capital markets, which enjoyed a special interest from investors, according to a press release of the Ministry of Finance, sent on Thursday to AGERPRES.

The Public Debt Management Agency is preparing a new exit to markets

JP Morgan expects a new Greek entry into the markets in the coming weeks, either through the issuance of a new reference bond (5-7 years) or through the opening of bid books for existing securities (10 years), proposing a partial profit in view of the new offer of securities.

Bulgaria Boasts Positive Current and Capital Account for 2020

Bulgaria's current and capital account showed a deficit of115.6 million euro in December 2020 against a deficit of 248.1 million euro in the same month of 2019, the central bank said Friday. The current and capital account had a surplus of 1,009.6 million euro (1.7 per cent of GDP) in January-December 2020, compared to a 2,739.1 million euro surplus (4.5 per cent of GDP) in 2019.