‘Appodixi’ whistleblowers not getting paid

Taxpayers may prove to be the best allies of the Independent Authority of Public Revenue (AADE) in curbing tax evasion, but those who have so far scanned receipts through the Appodixi app on their cellphones and pinpointed tax evasion are not going to get a cash prize, as the draft law does not include a retroactive effect to the measure.

Do we like tax evasion?

Kostis Hatzidakis had made the war against tax evasion a priority before taking over the Ministry of Finance. It wouldn't be easy: There are a myriad of "clients" of the political system who are affected. Furthermore, if a war begins against the tax evasion of those who are easy to target, you never know where it might end up.

Closing the gaps

The gaps in the system that allow so much tax evasion to go unchecked, even when it comes to electronic transactions, have been pointed out again and again.

Staikouras pledges support for employees forced to work fewer hours

Workers who will be asked to work fewer hours and get a lower salary once the economy reopens will be supported by the state, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras promised on Real FM on Monday.
The plan, inspired by Germany's "Kurzarbeit" and Britain's 'short-term work scheme' will see the state undertake part of each worker's losses for a transitional period.

The will of the insured

A social security system that doesn't take into account the will of the insured person at all is neither fair not effective. It is unfair and ineffective because its imbalance makes the evasion of social security contributions very attractive.

Sticks, carrots and tax evasion

Once again, we are faced with the usual revelations of widespread tax evasion in popular summer destinations. It has been recorded in restaurants, clubs and even rented villas. Dealing with this problem, particularly in a country such as Greece where tax evasion is a long-standing malaise, requires a combination of tax cuts and stricter penalties.

Tax inspectors shut popular Mykonos bar

A popular bar on the island of Mykonos has been ordered to close for four days from Monday after officers of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) and police suspended its operations due to tax evasion.
As the bar had also been ordered to close for two days last month for tax evasion offenses, this time the penalty was doubled.

Special Criminal Court Imposes Four Years Imprisonment on Members of Organised Crime Group

The Special Criminal Court today imposed four years imprisonment under an initial general regime on four members of an organised crime group involved in VAT tax evasion, said the press office of the Appellate Prosecutor's Office. Forfeiture of cars and half of their properties was imposed on each of the four defendants.