Covid Canceled New Year Celebrations

Restrictions are being placed on New Year festivities around the world as many countries struggle to curb new spikes in coronavirus cases.

Fireworks displays and other public gatherings have been cancelled from Sydney to New York.

Festivities are being particularly muted in Europe, amid fears over a new more contagious strain of the disease.

Covid-19: France Mobilises 100,000 police to Stop Gatherings on New Year's Eve

France is to mobilise 100,000 police and gendarmes on New Year's Eve to break up parties and enforce a curfew imposed to combat coronavirus.

The extra security also aims at halting the torching of cars that often takes place on the final night of the year.

France has confirmed 2.6m Covid-19 cases, the fifth highest total in the world, and more than 64,000 deaths.

Taxi passenger limit suspended for New Years Eve, Jan. 1

There will be no limit to the number of passengers allowed in a taxi for people visiting friends or family on New Year's Eve and January 1, Greek authorities said.

People who intend to leave the house to attend a festive gathering must send an SMS message to 13033 with the number 6 - as was the case on December 25.

World’s Lucky New Year Customs and Traditions

New Year's traditions are unique to their country of origin, drawing upon specific objects, cuisines, and celebrations that are inherent to their culture. The earliest recorded New Year's festivities date back to ancient Babylon, where the first new moon following the vernal equinox marked the start of the new year.

"No room for mitigating measures"; Crisis Staff to decide on New Year's Eve measures

Members of the Crisis Staff should decide on the measures that will be valid during the upcoming holidays, bearing in mind that the medical part of the Crisis Staff strongly opposes any celebrations, while the economic part considers that the economic losses are great.

"We must completely exclude New Year's celebrations, we are introducing night curfew"

"We must completely rule out New Year's celebrations," Costa told reporters after a video meeting with ministers, adding that people would not be allowed to leave their homes between 1 pm and 5 am from January 1st to January 3rd, Reuters reports.