Politicians and our burnt forests

By Zois Tsolis

The smoke from the burnt earth of Attica that darkened the sky over Athens, and the sound of the rotors of helicopters that flew from fire to fire, do not allow anyone to forget the disaster that befell the country this month.

It was an August that changed everything.

Local leaderships and their projects

The issue is not so much the complaints of parties and organizations from the whole spectrum of the Left to the gatherings of the fire victims of Northern Evia against investors - "carrion scavangers" with their "green" businesses (as they typically state in their announcements and resolutions), but the positions and proposals of the representatives of the Local Government (Region, Municipaliti

Wildfires rampage in Greek forests, cut large island in half

Three large wildfires churned across Greece on Aug. 7, with one threatening whole towns and cutting a line across Evia, the country's second-largest island, isolating its northern part. Others engulfed forested mountainsides and skirted ancient sites, leaving behind a trail of destruction that one official described as "a biblical catastrophe."