The message of Evros

For anyone that still needed to be convinced, the evacuation on Friday by the Turkish authorities of hundreds of migrants who had for weeks waited at the border crossing with Greece aiming to force their way into Europe lifted any remaining doubts about what was at stake. 

Turkish moves on land and sea seen as test of Greek resolve

Turkey's recent activity near the Evros land border with Greece and the course on Friday of its Oruc Reis research vessel in the Aegean, accompanied by two support ships and a frigate, sailing up to 50 nautical miles southeast of Kastellorizo, is viewed in Athens as another example of Ankara's bid to test its resolve.

Border region of Evros, Volos report first coronavirus cases

The General University Hospital of Evros in northeastern Greece confirmed the region's first case of Covid-19 on Wednesday, causing particular concern as the area shares borders with both Turkey and Bulgaria, is host to hundreds of refugees and is also dealing with a major migrant push from the east.

The government must spur a return to moderation

, even though this could soon be reversed. Among the positive takeaways is that the government has not been a passive observer of developments and did not wait for the initiative to be taken by Europe, NATO, the US, Germany or some other power as was the case in the past. The government made swift decisions and implemented a plan to deal with the situation.

Athens bracing for possible planned Turkish escalation

With 17 days having passed since Ankara opened its land border at Evros, Athens is reportedly seriously considering the possibility that Turkey is planning not only to cause an incident but to take a set of actions that will put the whole state apparatus and not just the Hellenic Armed Forces to the test.