It’s time we finished with fairytales

What would you wish for the country in 2023? Out of the many things I can think of, two stand out.

The first would be for Greece's politicians to regain the ability to face real problems openly and honestly, and to be prepared to have a sincere discussion about them, rather than using those problems as an excuse and with the sole goal of grabbing onto power.

No political excuses

If there is one excuse we could make for the young men and women gathering in the country's public squares for a bit of fun, it's their post-adolescent need to blow off some steam after spending weeks in lockdown.

No excuse for inertia

Even if one buys the excuse about the supposedly tough weather conditions and accepts the argument that the disaster was a result of extensive illegal construction in the area, there is no excuse for the response to the deadly blazes in eastern Attica last summer.