Post-War Kosovo Becomes Hub for Mine-Clearance Expertise

Yugoslav-era mines lie scattered across the ground in an area marked off with sticks. In the middle of the area, the remains of a dead animal can be seen.

To the left, another zone is marked as 'contaminated' with unexploded ordnance, although no mines are visible to the eye. Instead they are covered by vegetation, even deadlier than if they were in plain sight.

Police destroy explosive device outside precinct in Zografou

Members of the Greek Police's (ELAS) bomb disposal unit on Monday used a controlled explosion to destroy a homemade explosive device that was found outside a police precinct in Zografou, eastern Athens. 

The device had been placed inside a metal pipe which was inside a box placed on a wall opposite the precinct. It contained nails and had a timer, according to police sources.