Ankara hails anti-racist protests in US

Turkey's ruling party spokesman on June 3 hailed demands for equality as anti-racist protests continue in the country after the killing of African-American man George Floyd. 

Turkey is against all groups trying to turn legitimate protests in the US violent and bring public order under their destructive influence, said Ömer Çelik, spokesman for the AKP, after a party board meeting. 

Grand Bazaar reopens, along with other tourism destinations

Turkey reopened restaurants, cafes and Istanbul's iconic 15th century Grand Bazaar market on June 1 as the government further eased coronavirus restrictions.

Many other facilities including parks, beaches, libraries and museums reopened across the country, while millions of public sector employees returned to work.

Greece accuses Turkey of seeking to alter Hagia Sophia’s designation as monument

The Greek Foreign Ministry has denounced a decision by Turkey that verses of the Quran be recited at the Byzantine-era cathedral Hagia Sophia on the anniversary of the fall of Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) in 1453 as an "unacceptable attempt to alter the site's designation as monument" and as an "affront to the religious sentiment of Christians throughout the world.