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The COVID-19 battle will be decided on the vaccination front

By Panagiotis Arkoumaneas*

Greece is welcoming July with the best epidemiological statistics of the last months.

There is a substantial decline in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, of intubated patients, of hospital admissions, and of deaths.

This decline did not occur by chance. It is the product of our collective, strenuous, and coordinated effort and care.

Grenell "silenced" Vlora Çitaku

Grenell advised the former ambassador of the so-called Kosovo in the United States that it would be better for her to "extend a hand" than to "find insult in everything".
Grenell responded to the comment of the former Kosovo ambassador to Washington, Vlora itaku, on his Vidovdan greeting card, stating that "it must be exhausting finding an outrage in everything".

US troops come under fire in Syria after strikes against Iran-backed militias

U.S. troops came under rocket fire in Syria on June 28, but escaped injury, in apparent retaliation for weekend U.S. air strikes against Iran-aligned militia in Syria and Iraq.

A U.S. military spokesman said U.S. forces had responded to the multiple rockets by firing back at the positions in self-defense.

Biden sends congratulations to Pahor ahead of Statehood Day

Ljubljana – US President Joe Biden has sent his congratulations ahead of Statehood Day to President Borut Pahor. He extended his congratulations to all Slovenians at the 30th independence anniversary, adding that Slovenia was an esteemed partner and friend of the US, Pahor’s office said.