State Minister wants tougher charges for Koukaki squatters

In the wake of the controversy that followed a police operation to empty two squats in Koukaki over the weekend, State Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis said on Monday that evicted squatters who hurled blocks of concrete and other projectiles at officers should face felony rather than misdemeanor charges.

Road accident prevention group calls for tougher legislation for hit-and-runs

The "SOS-Road Accidents" national association has called for an amendment to existing legislation so that stricter penalties are imposed in cases of hit-and-run incidents.
According to the association, in Athens alone more than 25 hit-and-run incidents are recorded every year, but it also notes that the problem is a nationwide one, and cites Crete in particular.

Prosecutors raise the alarm over new penal code

Greek prosecutors are sounding the alarm over the sense of impunity that will be created by the country's new penal code, which will reduce statutes of limitations for crimes and include provisions that will allow for the early release of large numbers of prisoners as of July 1, when the new regulations come into effect.

Government submits to Parliament long-awaited reformed penal code

After years of preparatory work and months of deliberations and amendments, Justice Minister Mihalis Kalogirou tabled on Monday a draft bill on the reformed penal code.

The move is much anticipated by the legal community as well as inmates who expect their cases to be affected by the changes.
The reforms include the reclassification of certain felonies and misdemeanors.

Notorious Greek criminal convicted to multiple life sentences over 2001 murders

Eighteen years after his crimes were committed, Greece's most notorious criminal, Costas Passaris, was sentenced in absentia to four life terms and a further 71 years in prison for four murders and a slew of other felonies by an appeals court in Athens.

Judges and the jury found him unanimously guilty of four murders, six attempted murders, three robberies and an abduction.