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Young Ukrainians reveal how their lives changed during war

Three young Ukrainians, depicting how their lives changed with war, have said that Russian forces have bombed cities even on Easter, with the rugged sounds of the bombings making them cry.

The three Ukrainians, Elvira, Sofia and Aleksey, who first talked to Turkish media before the Russian invasion on Feb. 24, asked to keep their surnames hidden again in their second interview.

Funeral of Ksenija Vučić; President of Serbia said goodbye with an emotional message

Today, on his Instagram profile "avucic", Aleksandar Vui emotionally said goodbye to his first wife, who passed away suddenly two days ago.
"Thank you for bringing up our Milica to become a strong and unwavering girl today, that our Danilo is such a decent and brave guy, thank you for raising our children under the motto that the highest value is to be a good man," Vucic wrote.

President of Serbia bid farewell to Ksenija Vučić

Serbian President Aleksandar Vui, their children Danilo and Milica, as well as numerous friends and colleagues said goodbye to Ksenija Vui through obituaries.
Ksenija Vui passed away on January 29, at the age of 56.
She started her career at TV Studio B, and in recent years she has hosted very popular shows on TV Pink channels.

Serbs accuse Croats: "They are the most brutal"

This was announced by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Belgrade at a press conference.
The representative of that foundation for Southeast Europe, Vladan Jeremic, pointed out that collective expulsions, abuse and arbitrary arrests take place along the Serbian-Croatian border from 2016 to 2021, despite the efforts of civil society organizations to prevent it from happening.