Braverman lauds effective deterrence at Evros border

British Home Secretary Suella Braverman commended the Greek government and police during a visit to the Evros border region on Friday for being very effective in preventing "illegal migration" by building "an extremely secure land border" with a sturdy barrier that was completed very rapidly to act as a deterrence.

Four kilometres of border fence removed so far

Ljubljana – Just four kilometres of razor wire fence along the border with Croatia has been removed so far, according to a government report released on Thursday.

The army started removing the razor wire on 15 July and a contractor was supposed to take over, but an open call failed since just one bid was received and even that one was incomplete.

Minister vows security to be ensured post-border fence removal

Metlika – Slovenian soldiers have started removing the razor wire that runs along the southern border with Croatia. The first segment of the wire was removed at a border crossing near Metlika (SE) on Friday afternoon. Amid and post the removal, security will be guaranteed in other ways, said Interior Minister Tatjana Bobnar.

The US Will Build New Barriers Along the Border with Mexico

The Pentagon has approved the construction of an additional 32 km of fences, roads and lighting along the border with Mexico, Politico reports.

Earlier, it was reported that a California court ruled that $ 2.5 million of the Department of Defense's budget could not be used to build a wall, as the administration wanted.