Serb Ex-Policeman Claims Alibi for Kosovo Family’s Killings

Former police officer Zlatan Krstic told his war crimes trial at Pristina Basic Court on Thursday that he was in Serbia when four Kosovo Albanians, all members of the same family, were killed in an attack on the village of Nerodime e Eperme/Donje Nerodimlje by Serbian forces in March 1999.

Will Croatia send soldiers to the so-called Kosovo?

According to the proposal, up to 150 members of the Croatian Armed Forces and two helicopters of the Croatian Air Force should be sent to Kosovo and Metohija, HINA reported.
Currently, the 33rd Croatian contingent with 38 members of the CAF and two helicopters in the areas near Pristina, Ferizaj and at the Viladjio base not far from Peja is participating in KFOR operations.

Serb Policemen Plead Not Guilty to Kosovo War Crimes

Former policemen Zlatan Krstic and Destan Shabanaj pleaded not guilty at Pristina Basic Court on Monday, insisting that they were not guilty of committing war crimes against civilians in March 1999.

Kosovo's Special Prosecution has alleged that the two men "grossly violated the rules of international humanitarian law against civilians and property".

Inspired by NATO Bombing, Serbian Artist Turns Trauma into Art

The drawing depicts the head of a weird creature with a twisted neck and its mouth wide open. If you take a closer look, you notice a small bird flying out of its mouth. Its teeth look strange too, resembling tall, sturdy trees.

"You see, even the bird wanted to leave, it was that bad," Stojcetovic explains.

Kosovo ISIS Leader Killed, Media Reports

The leader of Kosovo Albanian foreign fighters for ISIS, Lavdim Muhaxheri, was reported dead by local media in the early hours of Thursday.

Media in Albania and Kosovo reported that his brother and friends posted news of his death on Facebook, and a US drone strike on ISIS-controlled territories in Syria was reported to have killed him.