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'The Flash' dashes to box office win but stumbles short of estimates

Warner Bros.' "The Flash" sprinted to the top of North American box offices in its opening weekend, in a Friday-to-Sunday run dominated by spin-offs and sequels.

But the live-action take on the DC Comics superhero only brought in $55.1 million, according to figures released Sunday by Exhibitor Relations - earnings that analysts said were "far below estimates" for its debut.

Mitsotakis counting on a strong majority in upcoming elections

Tom Ellis, the editor in chief of Kathimerini's English Edition, joins Thanos with the latest analysis from Athens ahead of this second round of elections on June 25th, as we look into the latest polls, the likelihood that Kyriakos Mitsotakis will be able to form a single-party government, and what the opposition will look like as PASOK and SYRIZA battle for dominance of Greece's center left.

Are talks between Greece and Turkey around the corner following elections?

Constanitnos Filis, the director of the Institute of Global Affairs and an associate professor at the American College of Greece, joins Thanos Davelis to look at what Erdogan's re-election and his new cabinet mean for Greek-Turkish relations, and spell out what it would take for any potential talks between Athens and Ankara following Greece's elections this month to be successful.

The priorities, and the secrets of Athos

Greece's political parties are embarking once again on the campaign trail, deploying a more surgical approach and with their attention turning to specific constituencies.

Ruling New Democracy is expected to focus on northern Greece, where nationalist Greek Solution and the religious-nationalist Niki parties have been flying high.