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Congress raises key questions on US-Turkey ties during hearings with Secretary Blinken

HALC's Endy Zemenides joins Thanos Davelis to break down the key takeaways from this week's hearings in Congress - where Senator Menendez and Representative Cicilline grilled Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Turkey. Since March 25th is Greek Independence Day, we also look at what the main takeaways are today, 202 years after the start of the Greek revolution. 

Is the China-brokered Saudi Arabia-Iran deal a wake up call for the US?

Expert Steven Cook joins Thanos Davelis to break down whether the China-brokered deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran actually upends Mideast diplomacy and challenges the US, explore Washington's options moving forward, and look at what ripple effects it could have for the broader region - from the Middle East to the Eastern Mediterranean.

Cooperation between Cyprus and Greece ‘more necessary than ever’

Vassilis Nedos, Kathimerini's diplomatic and defense editor, joins Thanos Davelis to look at the significance of Christodoulides' visit to Athens, break down whether the lull in Ankara's aggressive behavior that we are seeing is temporary or here to stay, and look at Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias' recent trip to Kosovo.

Why the Eastern Mediterranean deserves Washington’s full attention

Expert Constantinos Filis joins Thanos Davelis to break down why the Eastern Mediterranean deserves Washington, DC's full attention, look at how Turkey - the elephant in the room - factors into this discussion, and explain why this is an opportunity for Greece - a key US ally and partner - to work with the US to set the agenda for the region. 

Anger and grief after deadly train crash in Greece

Iliana Magra, a journalist with Kathimerini who covered the accident, joins Thanos Davelis from Athens with the latest on what we know about the deadly rail crash in Greece this week, the current situation at the site of the accident, the reaction among Greeks, and the steps the government is taking in response to this tragedy.