Trump Signs Bill Ending Government Shutdown After 3 Days

The federal government will be open for business Tuesday after President Trump signed a bill funding the government until Feb. 8, Fox News reports.

Trump signed the measure Monday evening, hours after the House and Senate approved the package by wide margins as Senate Democrats backed off their opposition. 

Bulgaria's Parliament to Decide on Use of Force by Military Police

MPs in Bulgaria are to debate and vote on amendments that will allow military police to use force in cases of "absolute necessity".

This includes both physical force and arms.

Their session on Wednesday will be the first after lawmakers voted to put an end to their month-long break from plenary meetings.

Zoe Konstantopoulou to block parliamentary committes over new Greek bailout plan

The President of the Greek Parliament, Zoe Konstantopoulou has scheduled to convene Parliamentary committee sessions Wednesday night, 9.30pm, in an attempt to filibuster the procedure, despite Greek PM Alexis Tsipras’s request for the Greek Parliament to open immediately for the Greek assembly to vote on the deal with creditors, Tuesday.

Senator Sova asks his indictment to end political squabbling

Social Democrat Senator Dan Sova said on Tuesday evening that he wanted the case in which he was investigated to be sent to court, to clear his situation once and for all, after the Senate rejected the request of the Minister of Justice to have him taken into custody and put under pre-trial arrest.

Senator Dan Sova seen at the June 2 Senate sitting