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Watchdog looking into Petrol, OMV over fuel shortages, report says

Ljubljana – The competition watchdog is launching an investigation into whether Petrol and OMV Slovenija, the country’s two largest fuel retailers, have abused their dominant market position in recent days as there were fuel shortages right before a new pricing regime kicked in, the news portal Necenzurirano reported on Tuesday.

Bulgaria: Fuel Prices with a New Peak, Petrol and Diesel reach BGN 3.50 per Liter

Prices per liter of fuel jumped again, and at the main and largest gas stations, they vary. For a liter of A95 petrol, drivers pay between BGN 3.32 and BGN 3.43, respectively, and for a liter of regular diesel, the amount ranges from BGN 3.43 to BGN 3.58.

Fuel shortages at service stations before Tuesday’s price rise

Ljubljana – Owners of motor vehicles are heading for Slovenian service stations en masse on Sunday as regular petrol and diesel prices are expected to rise considerably when a new pricing model kicks in on Tuesday. All three major fuels providers, Petrol, OMV and MOL, have experienced occasional shortages today.

Diesel and Gasoline more Expensive for Foreigners in Hungary

Only drivers of cars with Hungarian registration plates will be able to refuel with petrol and oil at a lower, limited price, said the head of the office of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Gergely Gulyas. For foreigners, fuels will be sold at a premium, depending on the market price of fuels. The measure comes into force today, May 27. Today, the markup on foreigners is 42 percent.

Fuel prices surge after price caps end

Ljubljana – Fuel prices in Slovenia surged on Sunday after the government decided to end price administration. Regular petrol is about 8% more expensive than yesterday, with diesel up by more than 20%. Data reported by petrol stations show regular petrol costs between EUR 1,617 and EUR 1,619 per litre depending on provider, up to EUR 1,628 along motorways.