Poltergeist | Athens | July 26

The 1983 supernatural horror film "Poltergeist" will round out the Athens Open Air Film Festival's July screenings. When ghosts begin to haunt a run-of-the-mill Californian family, chaos ensues and results in the disappearance of one of the children. After losing all hope, parents Diane (JoBeth Williams) and Steve (Craig T. Nelson) turn to an exorcist for help.

Spielberg Tribute | Athens | June 24

The films of American filmmaker Steven Spielberg, whose stunning scores have received widespread acclaim, will be the subject of a tribute concert by the Athens State Orchestra on Monday, June 24. Conducted by Adrian Prabava, the orchestra will pay homage to Spielberg classics such as "Indiana Jones" and "Schindler's List," while clips of his movies will accompany the performance.

Vertigo | Epidaurus | June 22

Alfred Hitchcock's psychological thriller and 1958 sensation "Vertigo" is set to light up the Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus on Saturday, June 22 as part of the Athens Open Air Film Festival. The Hitchcock classic, which features a detective (James Stewart) who suffers from vertigo, was the first film to use the dolly zoom, a camera effect that distorts visual perception.

The Fabulous Gala Premiere of the Long Awaited Aladdin in Los Angeles

On May 21th, in the remarkable atmosphere of the building - a symbol of Hollywood film history in Los Angeles "El Capitan Theatre", was held the world gala premiere of Aladdin. The spectacular event brought together hundreds of fans, world celebrities and the wonderful creative team of production.