‘The Horse Whisperer’ author Nicholas Evans dead at 72

British writer Nicholas Evans, who authored the international best-selling novel "The Horse Whisperer," has died at the age of 72, his literary agent announced on Monday.

A screenwriter and journalist as well as a novelist, Evans died on Tuesday last week following a heart attack. His death was only made public on Aug. 15.

Mad honey victim bear named ‘Balkız,’ released to nature

A bear, who sensationalized social media for a video showing her passing out from eating too much mad honey, has been named "Balkız," (Honey Girl) by the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry and released to nature.

"The name of our teddy bear is 'Balkız.' Let her live by the name," the ministry tweeted on Aug. 13.

Οι θαυμαστές του Μέριλιν Μάνσον κάνουν στην Έβαν Ρέιτσελ Γουντ ο,τι οι φαν του Ντεπ στην Άμπερ Χερντ

Ξεκίνησαν «διαδικτυακό πόλεμο».