Four Bulgarians Arrested in Canada For ATM Fraud

The Quebec provincial police arrested on Thursday four Canadian citizens of Bulgarian origin for alleged ATM fraud. 

Their names are Vassilina Dimitrova, 48, Borislav Petrov, 53, Iren Vasilev Atanasov, 42 and the alleged ringleader Martin Antonov Kuzov, 52.

The arrests took place near Montreal and Toronto. Four other suspects are still on the loose. 

A simple market rule

The international markets have learned to show their trust through the way they invest their money. When they have confidence in the abilities and prospects of a certain country, they invest in it. When they smell risk, however, they tend to run away.

Romania Presses on With Controversial Fuel Tax

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta has said his centre-left government will not revoke a controversial fuel tax coming into force on April 1, but promised compensatory measures.

“The measure will help ‘fair' transporters, without a history of tax evasion, who will be able to recover most of the costs [of the new tax],” Ponta said, without offering further details.