Financial crisis

Evangelos Marinakis on CPLP’s bond listing at the Athens Stock Exchange: “Green investments are the future”

"We have been engaged with financial markets since 2007 when we were first listed in New York at the Nasdaq stock exchange. Since then we have paid more than $800 million in dividends to our investors" Evangelos Marinakis, the Founder and President of Capital Maritime & Trading Corp. said today, on the occasion of the listing of CPLP's bond on the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX).

Editorial: National understanding now!

Greece and its citizens and the entire world seem to be facing a host of trials over the last years.

A series of factors and conditions have led to repeated, extremely intense crises of various kinds that have tested the endurance of states, governments, and societies.

The current decade has confronted Greece with many such trials which are expected to continue.

Liquidity of businesses good but deteriorating, FinMin says

Brussels – The liquidity of companies in Slovenia is good, but deteriorating. The government is working on new schemes to help businesses capable of surviving the crisis, Finance Minister Andrej Šircelj told his counterparts from other EU countries and the Eurozone in online meetings on Monday and Tuesday.

A year of big wagers

The new year will be one of big wagers for this country. Greece has the opportunity to get back on its feet and take advantage of significant European Union resources that will put it on the path to fair, sustainable growth.

COVID-19 hits micro, small enterprises hardest: Survey

The coronavirus crisis has battered micro- and -small enterprises (MSEs) the most, according to a survey on June 11.

Speaking at a virtual meeting, Ümit Boyner, head of Business for Goals Platform (B4G), the organization which conducted the survey, said: "We see that the firms hit hardest by the crisis were micro-sized with 69% and small-sized with 49%."

Public relations stunts

The government faces a bumpy ride over the next few months. The prime minister and a small group of ministers and officials have handled two big crises - the deliberate migrant push at Greece's border with Turkey and the initial phase of the coronavirus - and these are successes no one can take away from the government, hard as they may try.