Financial economics

Public debt posts decline in Cyprus

Cyprus is seeing a promising reduction in its public debt, with figures suggesting a return to 2019 levels. The debt stood at 22.3 billion euros by the end of 2023, showing a slight decrease from €22.4 billion in September of the same year. Notably, the debt had reached €23.8 billion last June.

Inflation hurting consumers

Consumers in Greece and worldwide feel even more financially stressed, despite the de-escalation of inflation, which, in fact, is expected to continue, pointing to a limited increase in consumption according to the first indications for 2024.

Turkey’s new central bank chief assures that work to combat inflation will press on

Τhe work to tame inflation in Turkey - namely through interest rate hikes - will continue "with determination," the country's new central bank chief said Thursday, offering some certainty about efforts to right the battered economy following his precedessor's surprise resignation.